IIoT Solutions

Monitoring and control of assets in remote locations

Vernetzen’s ZenNode is an IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solution offering end-to-end monitoring and control of remote Industrial processes.  IIoT allows industries such as mining, gas, water, power, oil to utilise systems with greater size, efficiency, connectivity, scalability at a lower cost than traditional methods.  The solution is centred around the ZenNode server as the interface between the instrumentation and monitoring tools.  It can be designed with a flexible range of long range wireless devices that are self-powered.   


ZenNode solutions can integrate collected data into existing monitoring methods such as SCADA centralising and simplifying monitoring and reporting.  Legacy monitoring instruments that may not have any remote monitoring capability before can be integrated into the solution. 

Vernetzen can specify and integrate an end-to-end solution from instruments to the monitoring tools required for a large range of applications with our team of experienced engineers and technicians.  The solution consists of a ZenNode Server, a large range of state of the art wireless devices and a range of monitoring tools to suit any requirements. 

  • Specially designed solution depending on monitoring requirements to suit any needs 

  • Ideal for mining and utilities sectors such as environmental monitoring, asset management and smart water and power 

  • Fully adaptable solution to needs depending on transmission frequency, distances and environmental conditions 

  • Variety of wireless protocols supporting up to 15km range to design best possible solution for any case 

  • Power solution for devices including batteries and solar panels designed to conditions 

  • Excellent integration with legacy instruments and protocols such as 4-20mA, MODBUS, CIP etc 

  • Able to integrate into existing monitoring and control tools such as SCADA using protocols such as OPC 

  • IIoT network monitoring capability, including ICS security monitoring and reporting


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